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Kyrkekvarn – information in english

On this page you will find a short compile of what you can do at Kyrkekvarn.

You are always welcome to send us an email or call us at  +46 515 76 10 05,
our staff speaks english. Welcome to Kyrkekvarn!

You can also use the automatic translator on our homepage, which you find
in the upper right corner. Simply choose ”Engelska” (english) and evereything
on our homepage will be translated.

Canoeing at Kyrkekvarn
Kyrkekvarn Kanotcenter is situated directly at the river Tidan, 11 km north of Mullsjö
and ca 40 km northwest Jönköping. The river Tidan runs up in the borderline between
Småland and Västergötland. On its way to Vänern it runs through deep coniferous
forests and a beautiful and vary landscape. The river passes through a great number
of culture historical mill-ponds. The trails are sailable from may to september.
The nature along the canoetrails are varied and beautiful. There are several prepared
camps along the canoetrails Stråken and Tidan, free of use for the guests at Kyrkekvarn,
which must be used. The older millponds and waterpower-stations along Tidan are often
in culture-historical origin and can sometimes be refered to 17th century. A trip along
Tidan north of Kyrkekvarn contains several places, to pass the mill-ponds, where you
have to carry the canoe. A canoe-carriage is therefore necessary. The transports on
land are always marked with signs. Always follow the signs.

Show respect when you are in the nature! The canoetrail goes through several bird-protected areas which brings a great responsibility. Do also show respect when you make a fire (only at marked places) and make sure the campinground is clean before you leave.

 Information lake Stråken      |       Information river Tidan



Icelandichorses at Kyrkekvarn
In the surroundings of Kyrkekvarn you will ride on lovely horse paths in the Swedish
forest along the beautiful river of Tidan and up on Hökensås. The environment is highly diversified and is well suited for riding with Icelandic horses. It doesn´t matter whether
you are an experienced rider or beginner, we have a horse for every skill and personality.
For children we have special prices (discounts) and activities. We are open all year around.

Kyrkekvarn Islandshästar Icelandic horses – information



We offer a lot of different cabins and houses at Kyrkekvarn. All the cabins are situated
close to water and/or nature and some of them also provide sauna and a fireplace.
Combine your holiday at Kyrkekvarn with some or many of our different activities;
canoeing, kayaks, bicycles, horseriding etc. If you would like more information about
our cabins we recommend to visit https://kyrkekvarn.com/boende/vara-stugor and
translate the page into english with the automatic translator at the top of the page.
Or you can also send us an email or give us a call at +46 515 76 10 05


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